Director of Risk Management

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Job Code: PD21-52
Posted On: Tuesday, 12th October 2021
Department: Executive
Location: Main Office
Kensington, Md
10400 Detrick Avenue
Job Type:
Full Time
Education: 4 Year Degree
Pay Rate: Salary Commensurate with Experience

Job Description:

This is an executive level position that is responsible for negotiating and administering property, general liability, automobile, cyber, pollution, and sexual and abuse molestation insurance programs for HOC as well as additional insurances the Agency deems appropriate to acquire, such as builders risk, owners controlled insurance policy, contractor controlled insurance policy, etc.. In addition, this position will supervise and oversee Risk Management Specialist. The incumbent works to identify actual (and potential) risk exposure to determine appropriate coverage levels and/or modifications to current coverages as necessary. Formulate and update policy documents as necessary. Act as liaison between HOC and the County for the Montgomery County Self Insurance Program. This position is responsible to coordinate property information, both new and updated, with the County to ensure coverage is both appropriate and comprehensive. This position acts as liaison with all insurance companies, and the County, to update the status of current HOC projects including new construction and major rehabilitation.   Coordinate meetings with insurance companies and various project managers and construction managers to facilitate the underwriting of new and renovated properties, including the determination of appropriate insurance coverage, including updating portfolio wide Statement of Values (SOV) and construction, occupancy, protection, exposure (COPE) schedules. Prepare support documentation to obtain Builders Risk, OCIP, Liability and other insurance policies, such as PLL, CPL and OPPI including annual renewal of property and liability insurance. Prepare and provide insurance budgets for all Agency insurance as outlined above.

Will maintain updated physical needs assessments based upon a coordinated schedule with Property Management, Real Estate and Maintenance to ensure up to date physical information on each property is readily available.

Preferred Skills:

  • Requires a Bachelor’s Degree with 5 years of experience in contract management, data analysis or financial analysis


  • Minimum of 3 years of experience working with property and liability insurance policies and claims
  • Must have understanding of insurance requirements for vendor contracts and construction contracts.
  • Must have knowledge of Risk Management Concepts and Loss Control Practices.
  • Experience researching principles and techniques of Property and Comprehensive General Liability coverage.
  • . Ability to develop risk management policies and practices to minimize risk to the Commission.
  • Experience with the development and presentation of training materials related to risk management and safety related policies.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with all levels of staff, both orally and in writing.

Ability to review and understand various legally oriented material including Federal Regulations and Federal Agency Handbooks.