An award program for HOC youth graduating from high school in 2020

Deadline for application submissions is August 11, 2020

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The Tony S. Davis Memorial Scholarship honors students who have achieved academic excellence, acted as leaders in extracurricular activities and completed numerous hours of student service learning dedicated to our community. If you are a graduating high school senior planning to attend a college or university this fall and you or your guardian(s) receive an HOC subsidy, you are eligible to apply for the Tony S. Davis Memorial Scholarship. Selected students will receive a monetary scholarship to use toward tuition and other expenses.  

Before getting started, please review the documents required for the online application below. Applicants must combine all required documents, including essays, into a single PDF document.

One Page Essays

Include a one-page essay for two of the essay questions below. Essays should be typed using a size 11 font (Calibri or Times New Roman) and demonstrate high school senior-level writing and composition skills.

  1. Tell us about your background and any difficulties you may have overcome.
  2. Who do you credit for your educational successes and why?
  3. At HOC, we are committed to advancing race, equity and inclusion in the world. What do race, equity and inclusion mean to you and why are these words relevant in today's political climate?
  4. It is important for the next generation of leaders to think critically about issues that affect their community directly as well as global problems that affect the world we live in.  Please choose one of the topics below and write an essay that demonstrates your understanding of the issue and describes the impact on your family and friends as well as our country and global community.
    a) What have been the greatest effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the US economy? Which priority - public health or jobs/employment - do you think state governors should place the most emphasis on?
    b) How will globalization of the current U.S.workforce affect the future of employment for college graduates?
    c)  Are social media platforms a good tool for information empowerment or do they breed more harm than good?
    d) Should college tuition be free in the United States? What are the potential benefits and drawbacks of a national free college education plan? 
  5. As social media and other forms of instantaneous communication become more embedded in our culture and society, how do you think your written or digital footprint should affect future employment and/or political service?
  6. How will you change the world?

Required Documents

In the same PDF file as the required essays, applicants must include scanned copies of the following documents as part of the application submission.

  1. Two letters of recommendation (academic, personal and/or professional).
  2. Official high school transcripts.
  3. Letter of acceptance from a college or university for fall 2020.
  4. A list of the extracurricular activities you have participated in during high school.

Ready to Apply? 



For more information, contact the Tony Davis Memorial Scholarship committee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.