Overview of RAD at Holly Hall

The purpose of this page is to keep HOC stakeholders constantly informed during its transition to Project-Based Vouchers through the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program; however, it is specifically designed for all households affected by the conversion.

Property specific key developments, start and completion dates, vital contact information, and when possible, pictures or samples are provided in the Fact Sheet for all phases of the project. The information presented will inform residents about RAD and will help them engage with the agency throughout the transition process. All RAD-related information pertaining to HOC can be located on this page.

Please bookmark this page and check back for the latest RAD updates affecting your property. The page will be updated on an as needed basis. A weekly visit to the RAD webpage is recommended to remain informed on all developments.

On March 31, 2015, HOC held a meeting for Holly Hall residents in the dining room. The meeting was facilitated by Zachary Marks, Assistant Director of New Development at HOC. Staff from HOC’s Resident Services, Property Management and Legislative and Public Affairs attended the meeting. The purpose was to update residents on RAD and answer questions.

Holly Hall residents should expect to receive a survey from HOC next week. The surveys ask for information which will be used to find the best new unit for the resident. Residents should list any preferences, transportation needs and other pertinent information.


Questions and Answers:

Q: Which properties will be available this summer for relocation?

A: There could be as many as three properties available this summer: Montgomery Village, Germantown and Rockville. Germantown and Rockville are brand new properties while Montgomery Village is a renovated property. More locations will open next summer in 2016.

Q: Will new relocated properties be pet friendly?

A: Yes there will be some pet friendly properties. The exact number has not been determined.

Q: Will new units have cable and internet connections outlets?
A: Yes.

Q: Will there be properties besides Holly Hall that allow young, disabled residents?
A: HOC has secured opportunities in multi-family properties. HOC plans to hold a meeting in the coming months for residents who are young and disabled to review their options.

Q: How will I know when to begin packing to move into a new unit?

A: HOC will give all residents at least 90 days notice before they move into a new unit. Residents will also receive additional until the actual moving date.

Q: Will residents receive help with packing and moving?
A: HOC will provide and pay for moving assistance. That includes packing boxes and moving your items from the old unit to the new one. HOC will also provide residents transportation from the old property to the new property.

Q: Which new properties will have elevators?

A: Most properties will have elevators. Montgomery Village will not have elevators because there is only one floor.

Q: What are the chances I’ll get a first floor unit?
A: Please list your preference on the upcoming survey. The agency will work with residents to find the unit that best fits their needs and preferences.

Q: Which amenities will be inside the new buildings? Will units have dishwashers?
A: Most units will have dishwashers. HOC will hold upcoming meetings on each property to discuss the amenities and give tours.

Q: Does more amenities mean larger utility bills? Will residents be responsible for any increase?

A: HOC will continue to pay resident utilities even if the bill is larger. However, we expect utility costs to be lower because new units will have energy efficient appliances.

Q: Will residents be shown how to use new amenities?

A: Yes. HOC will provide training if needed.

Q: Will resident be able to smoke inside the units?

A: The properties are smoke friendly; however, smoking will not be permitted inside the buildings.

Q: If my partner or roommate needs more accommodations inside the new unit but I don’t need it, will we be separated?
A: No. Residential partners/ roommates will not be split up.

Q: Are the new properties close to shopping centers?

A: Each property has different surroundings. HOC will provide tours and information on each property’s attractions so residents can decide which area they prefer.

Q: Will families with children be housed at properties designated for seniors?
A: No.

Q: Will new properties include parking lots?

A: Each property will have ample parking.

Q: Will senior properties have resident counselors?

A: There will be an onsite residential coordinator. Residents will continue to have nutritional, fitness and other services currently provided at Holly Hall such as “senior lunch”. HOC asks residents to include their desired services on the upcoming surveys.

Q: Will the survey be Spanish?

A: Yes. HOC will provide surveys in another language upon request.

Q: When will surveys be distributed?

A: HOC expects residents to start receiving surveys next week.

Q: Will surveys get the relocation process started?

A: Yes. The surveys will help HOC determine preferences and unit requirements for each resident. The surveys are not binding. Residents can change their preferences at any time.

Q: Will my rent subsidy change?

A: Subsidies will remain the same. Every property will have onsite offices where you can drop off your rent payment.

Q: Will the White Oak community be age restricted?

A: Yes. White Oak will have 30 units.

Q: If I find a unit I like can I have that one?
A: No. HOC will offer residents three unit choices based on preferences and housing needs.

Q: What happens if a resident turns down all three choices?

A: HUD rules require HOC to offer 3 unit choices which are equal to or better than the current unit at Holly Hall. However, HOC wants every resident to be happy in their new home. HOC staff will work with each resident to find a unit they like.

Q: What are the multifamily properties?

A: Germantown, Montgomery Village and Rockville.

Q: Will properties have storage space?
A: Yes.

The next meeting for Holly Hall residents will be held in 30 to 40 days. It will be advertised on the property.