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Who is a HOC Resident?
An HOC resident is someone who participates in a HOC program and/or lives in a property owned or managed by HOC.
How do I apply for the HOC/HOP Program?
Fill out a program application or contact HOC’s Homeownership Specialist at (240) 627-9598
Is HOC’s Homeownership Program the same as the MPDU Program?
No - The MPDU Program is a Montgomery County Program, not HOC. If you need information on the MPDU Program call: (240) 777-3600.
How do I find out if HOC has MPDU units for sale?
If HOC’s Homeownership Program has any MPDU units to sell, a letter will be sent to all qualified applicants and a random drawing will be held to determine which applicant(s) can purchase the unit(s).
Can I buy the unit I am renting?
No, in an effort to maintain affordable rental housing in Montgomery County, these units are not sold.
Does HOC Have a Rent to Own Program?
No. The Turnkey III Program is currently closed.
Is the HOC/HOP program also located in Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Fredrick, Howard and Prince George’s Counties?
No. All programs through HOC are for properties in Montgomery County only. If you plan to purchase a home in another County, call that County’s local housing authority to see if they have a program similar to HOC.
I am still not sure what to do!

For general information call (240) 627-9598

To speak to the Homeownership Specialist call (240) 627-9598

Other Information
Other Homeownership Programs through HOC